Quick decisions

Sometimes it's hard to find a reasonably priced DNS registrar/provider but don't let that make you choose the first Google search result on 'register domain'. I did that and I very much regret it. Try to find out about the quality and speed of their support first. My first and second providers for example had very good offers it seemed but turned out to have some major drawbacks. I won't name them because I'm not a lawyer and not familiar with the legal aspect of doing that on a website but at least I will explain why I didn't like them.
The first one did only support a very limited amount of TLDs and did take for ever to respond to any kind of problem. A least everything worked fine when I decided to move my domains to a different provider. But that one wasn't any better. In fact if I would have to compare the two I think the second was even worse. Not only was it more expensive than the first one but also didn't allow me to edit anything else than A, CNAME and MX Records. It also allow to register and pull domains to the account via web but didn't for pushing or deleting them. For that you have to send them a letter. A LETTER on PAPER.